Due Diligence

Diligence is the mother of good fortune

Red Flag

Personnel and Company Screening

Geo Political Risk / Anti-Corruption

A Revealing First Look

Know Your Team

Understand Your Environment

An initial desktop research-based Due Diligence review aimed at an early detection of key risks and to give insight to Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer compliance. A Red Flag report will quickly highlight the need for further in depth research where needed and include full human rights risk assessment and sanctions checks.

Personnel reporting looks at all aspects of the subject: past performance, motivation, reputation and culture. Assessment of company, management team, board member or third-party associate is conducted prior to transactions such as acquisitions, financings and joint ventures. We complete these investigations for corporations, investment banks, private equity firms, other investors and their legal advisors.

Expansion into emerging markets requires the identification and detailed analysis of associated and inherent country risk. Our products derive from the client's key business enablers and cover issues such as; security, life support functions, economic, political and reputational risk. We classify the key threats relevant to your sector, map the key stakeholders in that sector and conduct FCPA and integrity due-diligence on potential joint venture partners, acquisition targets, agents, distributors and other third parties.


Collect the information, develop the knowledge, identify the solution.


Litigation Support

Asset Tracing and Recovery

Protect Your Brand

We support our clients and gather information globally for corporations, law firms, governments, financial institutions and international organisations. Our investigations often begin online and end in-country. We have experience gathering sensitive information in difficult jurisdictions; we conduct interviews, gather and review documents, and ensure that all the information we gather is legally admissible.

Access the Right Information

Be Assured in Your Next Move

Support for international litigation and arbitration. All investigations are tailored to the needs of the client and support the client's legal strategy. Through investigative analysis of an adversary’s reputation, history, and potentially available assets, we uncover key information and provide clients with previously unknown information to assist them in managing disputes.

Identification of assets in the context of arbitral or other legal judgements when individuals, companies or governments owe our clients money, we find the debtor's assets. We also give our clients a clear picture of how much money an adversary has prior to legal disputes, helping clients make informed business decisions.

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