Security and Risk Management

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Programme Development

Assured Guidance and Support

Within Programme Development we focus on the fundamental elements of Security and Risk Management and assist our clients in developing and optimising their risk and security strategies. Typically we will be involved in planning, organisation, stakeholder engagement, threat risk assessment, policies, standards and objectives.

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Risk and Resilience Measures

Learning and Development

Measured and Controlled

Driving Performance

We implement a wide variety of practical Risk and Resilience Measures, all bespoke to client objectives, generally subsequent to the completion of a Programme Development project. This helps to ensure that the measures adopted align properly with client objectives and can be performance managed to ensure their efficacy.

The value of Learning and Development as part of a risk and resilience programme cannot be overestimated. We build competency frameworks, targeted at relevant roles and responsibilities in order to design programmes that will provide appropriate guidance on the value and correct use of security and risk initiatives. This drives performance, enables succession planning and is a motivating force within any organisations security community.