We support our clients by establishing appropriate mechanisms to understand and mitigate risk.

We gather information globally for corporations, law firms, governments, financial institutions and international organisations. 

We move quickly from objectives and theory developed in the boardroom to practical, on the ground initiatives which make a measurable difference to our clients' business operations. 

Cloudveil has three operating practices, designed to work together to optimise the protection we are able to bring to the client. Our practices are: Security and Risk Management, Intelligence Services and Management Information.

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Security and Risk Management

Our Security and Risk Management Practice covers three main areas: Programme Development, Risk and Resilience Measures and Learning and Development.

Each area complements the others to optimise the level of protection to our clients. Our approach is always to embed  systems, measures and initiatives within the client's Security and Risk Management Programme and operate effectively without the need for continuing input from consultants or other external sources. Cloudveil acknowledges that self-sufficiency is critical to resilience and we reflect this in our product delivery.

Intelligence Services

We categorise Intelligence Services into two sub categories:

Due Diligence, which we define as pre-transaction or pro-active research and reporting.

Investigations, which are conducted post-transaction or as a reactive measure.

In either case, our services are designed to provide each client with a product that suits their specific needs, enabling them to make informed decisions about the jurisdictions, companies and people with whom they work or are seeking to engage. We pride ourselves on our creativity in gaining access to well-placed human sources to provide clients with the most relevant and current intelligence.

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To help our clients implement and manage their security and risk programmes Cloudveil has developed a management information platform called IRIS. At IRIS’s core is a communications cascade that delivers the right information to the right groups of people allowing for near real time reporting. IRIS’s alert function allows for a distress signal to be sent to a Security Operations Centre or client hosted control point from anywhere in the world. In addition to optimising all day to day reporting, this function greatly simplifies critical actions involved in crisis management, business continuity and incident management and allows for complete post event audit.

To see how our key services are delivered across a variety of sectors take a look at some of our recent work.

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Cloudveil is a Security and Risk Management Consultancy.
We collect and manage wide ranging data and produce relevant information.
We help our clients develop strategy and improver policy.
We test front line procedures to ensure they are fit for purpose.
Our solutions are creative, efficient and elegant.
All projects are delivered within a defined management programme.